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Have a question?

We already purchased a virtual platform, do I still need help?
Putting on a virtual event takes a team. We are proficient on multiple platforms, and can provide guidance and solutions as you navigate your event.
Should I use the free registration software that my platform provides?
As with all events, data collection and management is of the utmost importance. Established registration platforms will provide more options for categories, price points, discounts and reporting.
What types of virtual events do you support?
We manage all types of events, from board meetings to conventions, conferences and tradeshows, to internal SKOs! You imagine it and we will produce it!
I need help with my registration and website design, do you do that?
Yes, we build websites and registration sites! There are many options ... from simple templates to fully custom site builds. We're here to help you determine what works best for you. Refresh, Re-build.
Can you help me find the best prices without sacrificing the quality of my event?
Yes, we’d love to assist you with identifying and negotiating with vendors and suppliers!
There are so many virtual options. How do I chose?
We'll conduct a thorough needs assessment to identify your vision for your virtual event. Then we'll recommend solutions that work within your budget!